January 17, 2011

It was a sunny spring afternoon. I had recently come into possession of a house in the woods on the outskirts of town. It wasn’t too far from my current living situation, so it was easy to go find. I made my way over in my ’89 RS Camaro with the T-tops off.

Pulling into the driveway, I saw an exact replica of what was my grandparents’ home, though I did not realize this in my dream. Though small on the outside, the inside was a car cry from reality. The rooms were large and spacious, with staircases everywhere. I decided to check the basement first and took the first staircase going down. Or at least I tried. I started to go but saw that that the stairs only went about a quarter of the way before there was a wall built through it. I tried another; the one went all the way down. Immediately turning the corner was another staircase going up. The ceiling, however, came down about halfway through the stairs leaving only enough space for a slender man to crawl through. I went back up the way I came.

I stood back in the main room, the sun’s bright rays illuminating all, trying to decide which way to go. Then, one staircase far in the corner caught my eye. I don’t know what drew me to it, but I knew that that was the way to go. This staircase leads to a simple yet large bedroom. There was an elegant king-sized bed and against the wall at its foot was an LCD television that was probably 27″ on a stand and a small table with a newspaper on it.

I flicked on the television and grabbed the newspaper while tossing my phone on the table. I chuckled as I examined the paper and walked towards the bed. I could tell that I was going to like it here. I looked towards the television. An old black and white detective movie was on. It brought a smile to my face until I caught something out of the corner of my eye. There were two cellular phones on the table, though I had only brought one. The other was an iPhone faced down. There was also a small scrap of paper by it with an 888-number, and address, and note on it.


Oh, God! I panicked, and my heart raced. The man who had been trying to kill me had finally found me. He was probably in the bathroom right now.

Cautiously, I picked up the iPhone and examined the screen. It was riddled with surface cracks and was locked using the Android locking system, though the cracks prevented me from unlocking the phone. This was a good thing, though. The cracks indicated that he had been here long ago and had long since left. This meant I had a chance to escape.

I bolted out of the house with my phone and note in my hand, fearing for my life. I got in my car and pulled out of there as fast as I could. I drove in a panic down the road, only veering to the side to let the traffic I had pulled out in front of to pass me.

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