I woke up in a dark room with the warm glow of the television on my face.

“It’s 10 o’clock. Do you know where your children are?” the man on the television asked.

Of course not. I’m single, and I live alone. I get off the couch and turn the knob on the television with a loud click to the off position. The light from the kitchen reaches through the doorway and into the living room. I walk into the kitchen and over to the front door to latch the deadbolt. It turns and locks into place with a loud click. Reaching over, I flick the wall switch with a loud click that turns off the kitchen lights. Next, I walk into the hallway and turn off the light. The switch makes a loud click. Then I flicked the switch to turn the basement lights off. It, too, made a loud click.

In the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and flossed at the sink. Taking a large swig of Listerine, I swished with the yellow mouthwash as I urinated into the toilet. After spitting out the rinse, I exited the bathroom, turning off the lights with a loud click.

Entering my bedroom, I stripped naked and tossed the day’s worn laundry into the hamper in the hallway. With a loud click, I shut off the bedroom light and climbed into bed. As pleasant thoughts were carrying me off to dreamland, I was just as I was about to doze off when I was snapped wide awake by a loud click somewhere within my house.

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