Alan slowly lowered the telephone receiver and placed it on the shelf in front of him as he stared through the glass with longing at the woman he loved. Their conversation had been brief, only the five minutes that the state would allow, but the fire it ignited was unmistakable. This was love, love that could not be constrained by things such as glass and prison guards.

With the dexterity of a Hilton daughter, Alan ripped open his prison shirt and pressed his left nipple against the window that separated him from his lover. Mary, the woman whom which he had been conversing, thrust herself against the glass and began licking frantically at the spot which Alan’s nipple was pressed. Oh, it was flat and cold, but it did not matter for their love could not be separated. Alan moaned with pleasure as her tongue made light ‘plap’ sounds when it smacked the glass.

The guards stood by uncomfortably, not entirely sure what to do. Their eyes glanced over towards each other, then back at the couple, and then away altogether. Suddenly, the prison warden burst in shouting words like, ‘over the limit’ and ‘unacceptable behavior.’ The guards burst into action, grabbing Alan and pulling him away. Alan and Mary began screaming in terror, as though someone had decided to break into their home and rob them mid-coitus. It was a frightening situation, the guards almost dropping Alan as the other inmates and their visitors looked on in worry and fear, some of them starting to cry.

As Alan was being dragged back to his cell, he could be heard screaming, “You can’t stop our love! We will find a way!” The steel security door slammed shut and echoed through the room. Mary lie sobbing on the floor curled up in a fetal position. With the exception of her tears, the room was silent.

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